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Read to be empowered

It’s the best every time I’m crazy
I have to be able to stand again.
More and more every time I’m depressed
I have to be strong.

Every time I fall
You have to take lessons .
My own life
I will never forget!

I don’t understand my own value
He didn’t touch him again
Avoid it .

The things you should hold back

If you have the courage
I got everything back .

For things that go crazy
Do not be angry

Locked in the past

Value the present time
Best of luck

When it’s too busy
I just cried.
After that, with a beautiful smile
I must be able to smile the brightest .

In front of people
Even if there were tears
Don’t lose your smile.

My life is hard and the world is great
Don’t feel guilty
Reach the highest
I have to try my best

Don’t be fooled easily
Try as hard as you can

Value the time
I can not get it again

Don’t throw your parents away
Give as much time as possible .
Love your family .
Give it value .

To everyone who is having a hard time
Don’t hide your eyes
Help from those who can afford it .
Don’t be mad at anyone who falls
Please support me from the side that I can afford .
Don’t blame anyone who is young
Give warmth and caress .

When I was alive create happiness .

I have forgotten the dirty things
Live each day to the best of your ability .
If you stay, everything will be peaceful.

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