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What is the “salai-mai mentality”?

In order to answer this question clearly, we must first clarify the meaning of “local tribalism”. Localism is a mentality that sees only a small part of the area where one lives, the grazing area of ​​one’s tribe, and concentrates primarily on the welfare of one’s own region. In other words, the family views of the entire Chin nation as one group have been forgotten and removed without grasping. Progress of Chin family members It is the old evil view of history that stupidly prevents unity.
This regionalism/tribalism is in stark contrast to the Chin family spirit of “Salai Mai mentality”. These two different viewpoints (spirits), one is spiritual, It shows the decline of ideology, One describes the development of moral and ideological affairs. The spirit of Salaimai is the growth and development of all members of the Chin family. It is a “progressive” spirit that wants unity.

The Salai-Mai spirit is a spirit that leaves behind the old era and calls for a new era.

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