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Ethics for women

1. Live classy.

2. When wearing a skirt, sit with your knees together.

3. Keep secrets.

4. smile

5. Rumors Don’t gossip.

6. Respect yourself.

7. Dress appropriately for his place.

8. Don’t accept unworthy love.

9. Love your body.

10. Dress up.

11. Avoid taking drugs.

12. Accept the changes.

13. Accept life lessons.

14. Don’t lower yourself for a man.

15. Stay single until you find someone who truly deserves it.

16. Know your weaknesses.

17. Believe in yourself.

18. Let go of those who hurt you.

19. Be prepared.

20. Don’t let a man define your worth.

21. Don’t compare anyone to you.

22. Make yourself a priority.

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