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Once upon a time, a wise old man and his disciples went on a journey together.

When they entered the forest, they all rested for a while. Since they were running out of water to drink, the old man sent them to fetch water from a nearby lake. So the disciples also went out to the lake.

At that time, the deer and antelopes had recently been drinking, so I saw that the water was muddy and shallow.

So the disciples returned to the old man in despair.

The old man didn’t say anything and stayed silent all this time.

After another hour, he asked the disciples to go and draw water again.

This time, they saw that the water had settled a little and was clear. So, all the disciples came back to draw water with great joy.

So the old man asked.

“What did you do to make all the water clear?” The students answered nothing.

One of the students answered…

“We have to wait,” the old man said with a smile.

Yes. We have to wait for a time for the water in the lake to clear.

In the same way, if you are upset because someone made you angry and hurt you, do nothing and leave it at that.

Depending on the problem, after a period of time has passed, the anger and hatred will no longer exist, and the mind will be clear again.

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  1. Yes, We need to wait for good and cool mood to solve the problem even we face with anger and danger .

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