TI GIA was officially established in June 2004. Since then, TI GIA Paint has been continuously growing and developing rapidly. As a leading company in Vietnam specializes in manufacturing specialized paints for fine art furniture and interior decoration.


1. Mission:

TiGia’s mission is to provide a protective coating for wood products, with the highest color and durability that still carry the essence of your home.

2. Vision:

Being the strongest and most reliable partner in the wood coatings for interior and wood products export. Be known in the community as a product of prestige, reliable quality of the Vietnamese.

3 Objectives:

Taking the word “Tin” to the top and making the weapon competitive and protecting the credibility as protecting their own honor, is always a strong competitor to foreign paint companies with good quality, stable. and reasonable price.

4. Agent system:Ti Gia has over 33 agents in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, including 6 official agents in Ho Chi Minh City, over 500 large and small furniture companies spreading from north to south. TOXICOLOGICAL STANDARD: Tiji is completely lead free, safe human health and environmentally friendly.

6. QUALITY STANDARDS Quality standards of Son Ti Gia quality management ISO 9001-2008┬áTi Gia product is certified “The product won the Vietnamese Gold Cup 2006”.Certificate of prestigious business – quality 2006.Badge of products meeting WTO standard 2007.

TiGia paint products have been certified as “Products of Vietnamese Gold Cup 2006” and “Prestige of Quality Certificate 2006”, especially “WTO-standard products 2007”. a brand of TIGIA Paint that all the major wood processing units in the country are believed to use for many years, and a large dealer network from the South to the North.

Paint products dedicated to fine art furniture and interior decoration is an indispensable product on the surface of wood in the interior as well as exterior. Our specialized paint products are of high quality, diversified in types, meeting all your needs and especially the competitive price will bring the highest economic effect for the quarter. when used.