People can click on the question and the answer

However, one of the best SEO practices all businesses need to consider is the “People also ask” section on search results.

It is a list of questions that people have asked about the search query. In the case above, we typed in search engine optimisation and Google showed related questions that people had asked, for example, what is search engine optimisation.

People can click on the question and the answer taken from a section on a web page is shown, along with a link. This can be a very valuable part of any SEO strategy because your site and a link are shown on the top of the page.

To take advantage of this you will need to have written content with questions and answers. These should be clearly and thoroughly answered. It is not easy to get a mention in the “People ask” section but it can pay dividends when you do.
Make sure you know what your visitors want
You might think you know what visitors want from your site, but what they actually want may differ a great deal.

You will want to create a website that Google and other search engines will love but you also need to concentrate on what your visitors want and need.

In fact, this is very important, as one of the main missions of Google is to offer web users high-quality content that answers what they are looking for. Therefore, your website should be Google-friendly and visitor friendly.

You can cheat a bit and do some research into your competitors that are doing well. By checking out the competition, you can find what keywords work best, what type of content, what SEO methods they use and more.
Use video among your content
Finally, the last in our best SEO practices all businesses need to consider is using video in your content.

content has become very popular and it is a great form of any digital marketing campaign. When considering videos you could upload them to your website, Facebook associated page, YouTube or other social media site. These can be all great sources for bringing in more visitors and turning them into customers.

You can use video content as part of your search optimisation and a good way of doing this is by answering questions that people ask. As long as you provide informative content in videos, you cannot really go wrong.

In summary The above are some of the main strategies and best SEO practices all businesses need to consider to boost their rankings in search engines.

Of course, you can implement the above yourself but you might want to consider taking on professional SEO services to do it for you. A professional company can help to get your business website into the top search engine rankings.

They can also help with local SEO, something essential if you have a brick and mortar store and want to attract more local customers.