Video Consumption During Quarantine

Even though 2020 saw the emergence of numerous unprecedented circumstances, not all of them have been negative. Putting global pandemics aside, there have been interesting societal shifts that may lead to growth and positive changes in the future.

There has never been a better time to continue self-isolation at home to safeguard the health and functioning of our people and hospitals, according to government officials and concerned friends and family. Our admittance to data using the web has permitted most work capabilities, income streams and connections to proceed and at times even flourish in a genuinely detached society. In addition, these relationships and business opportunities have relied more than ever on the use of video—whether it’s digital animation, social media marketing, or corporate video productions—to convey their message.

Fortunately, video is the ideal medium for directly communicating with customers because people are relying on staying at home and using technology and screens. As he devotes more and more of his platform to video ads and stories, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is of the opinion that video will play an important role in our future. In their annual State of Video Marketing Survey for 2020, Wyzowl found that 92% of marketers consider video to be an essential component of their marketing strategy. This has increased from 78% in 2015. This rise can be largely attributed to the fact that 88% of marketers claim that video marketing generates a positive return on investment. This figure has increased from just 33% in 2015, indicating that consumers and marketers alike are moving toward video consumption for market education and communication.

Zenith’s Head of Forecasting, Jonathan Barnard, shared his thoughts on this trend: The average person will spend half as much time this year watching online video as they do watching conventional television due to the rapid growth of the consumption of online video. Online video is the digital channel with the fastest-growing advertising expenditure because of the rapidly expanding supply of audiences and the accompanying rapid growth in demand from advertisers.

As opportunities for well-produced video expand, this is excellent news for both us and our customers. Due to distance requirements, there have been few opportunities to produce live video content within a reasonable distance of our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. However, our customers have continued to demand content for online marketing and animation. Character animation, 3D rendering and modeling, remote interviews, and video editing from existing material are just a few of the creative ways we have been able to meet our clients’ needs. From our point of view, the requirement for a strong message conveyed through audio and moving images has not diminished; in fact, this is now the new standard for digital advertising.